Everything you need, nothing you don't

Our website Content Management System (CMS) is built with ease of use from the moment you login. As long as you can use a word processor or upload an image to Facebook you will be able to use our CMS.Simple File Upload

Simplicity is the key, content management is kept separate from the website your visitors see. Making the website code clean, safe and above all very quick.

Page EditBecause your visitor website is kept totally separate from your CMS you have almost unlimited choice on how you want it to look – no having to stick to templates, every website design is individually and professionally created to your personal taste and requirements.

Need more features, no problem. Because the CMS and website are kept separate most additional requirements can be accommodated. 

This website was built using nothing more than that – no tricks.

For further information contact: enquiries@edenmultimedia.co.uk